Annarti (annarti) wrote in h_bee,

Don't Touch Me

Prince Nolryn, Yrae Chronicles, Photoshop

This is the first thing I've drawn in two years? Really? Wow. I knew it'd been a while but wow. So let's celebrate with Nol appearing significantly more badarse than he's actually feeling. I had wanted the cliché completely profile look going RAR but this was a strangely impossible reference pic to find, so in the end we've settled for a Rafael Nadal who'd just won a point/set/something. Seriously, guys, if ever you want some serious angryjoy reference, go for the tennis players. Seriously emotive dudes, they are.

...I can say nothing about this without spoilers. I mean. The fire already is one. OR IS IT? Maybe it's metaphoric of his WHITE HOT RAGE? WHO CAN TELL? CERTAINLY NOT ME.

I didn't forget his insignia; he's wearing Garuk's shirt. For reasons.

I'm getting quite proud of how I draw emotion these days.
Tags: photoshop, prince nolryn, yrae chronicles
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