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Prince Nolryn: Character Reference

Prince Nolryn: Character Reference

I put Nimay in yrae and then Yamin in h_bee. Whoops. I'm sure that'll happen throughout the series of them. Frigging royalty and all their uniforms. Click to embiggen! Cos this thing is frigging tiny compared to the full image.

NUDE I fixed it :D His face didn't look right and his legs were too short before. Also I've flipped him because I remembered halfway through sketching his royal garb that blokes have all the interesting stuff on their left, so when he was facing right you couldn't see any of the detail. Which doesn't work for a character reference. So. Anyway I am proud of this :D I drew a peen! And I think I did a good job on his anatomy? I like his arms and front leg. Also hair! I've always seen him having hairy forearms and legs, but clear chest, stomach and back. And a happy trail. Yay Nol!

CASUAL The royal insignia is always present, not because he's vain (though there's a little bit of that) but because he knows people talk negatively about him behind his back and would prefer that they know he's there so he doesn't have to hear it. He gets enough of people talking negatively about him to his face. Also, the royal insignia has updated. The old one was based on the yrae's tail feather wrapping around the yrae stone, but since I've ditched the yrae stone, the insignia's now based on Yan's actual feather. So the one on his left shoulder is the pure one, then it gets interpreted over eeeeeverything. Also, no bling. He's not big on bling, so even the red dots are just embroidered rather than jewels.

ARMY UNIFORM I now understand the invention of half-capes, because trying to put the quiver over his cape was awkward. Updated bow! He has patterns all along it now, not just at the ends, and garnets stuck onto it. Sword's identical, uniform in general s unchanged. Also short hair and beard, which was his disguise going through Kazin in Tarnish. He does look really different with short hair and face fuzz, so I'm happy.

ROYAL REGALIA No crown because he hates it :D So much details. He does always do it properly, though, because he knows he's representing Raykin when he's in it, so this is where the bling comes in. 'cept the crown. He also hates the arm band, but as you may have noticed from Yamin, arm bands are a thing in Raykin. The coat comes out for the super important meetings when it's not too hot.

CEREMONIAL ROBES SOO MUCH DETAILS. But better than it used to be. Also identical now to the ladies, only mirrored. Also crown! Which seems to change every time I do it. But the only time he's ever worn it is to his hrai-dani. So he's actually 20 on that one instead of 23 in all the others. I'm not convinced about the clothing folds but oh well.

FANCY Doesn't come out too often, really, because Nol's not a particularly fancy guy. Official stuff he has his royal garb, super important ceremonial stuff he has the robes, so this is sort of... when he and Majesty are hosting a minister or two for dinner. So it's not official, and it's not ceremonial, but it's classier than what his casual stuff would work for. Still no bling because he doesn't like to rub it in people's faces. They know who he is by this point, he doesn't need to.

SARONG When in Kazin. Also excuse for me to do show off chest and do the short hair with shaving, which he did once he got to Assiraz. He wasn't a fan of the facial hair. I liked it >>

WEAPONRY Updated bow so it's no longer just a bent stick, yay :D Sword remains a golden thrai because it amuses me. He hates snakes. Mithé picked it because his favourite pub is the Golden Thrai.
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