Annarti (annarti) wrote in h_bee,

Nailed It

Nailed It

I've started redesigning the Big Book of Stuff, and in doing so have been looking for photos of character aesthetics to use in prettifying their pages. Starting with Nimay I came across this awesome ref of Serena Williams, and decided to take a break from BBoS and draw that instead. So that's a good chunk of how I've spent my Easter weekend :D Tennis players make great refs for swordies, I tell you what. So easy to turn a tennis racquet into a sword in most cases, and they're always so dynamic and awesome. Williamses are obviously great for Nimay, except that they got da booty and, Nimay not actually being black, she do not got da booty. But still, awesome.

ANYWAY. I've also done a bit of a different technique here, using a round brush with a hard edge rather than my pencil-like brush I love. Much harder to make things smooth, especially on skin, but I don't mind that. I also inked it, which is hate and I probably won't be doing much of that at all ever. Very proud of her hands and pants. And her messy just-beaten-Melraan hair was fun.

Tags: nimay, photoshop, yrae chronicles
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