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Some Old Kazinian

Some Old Kazinian

Mostly this was a tablet test at work, because I've been dubious about the thing since getting it. Like, there's always been just the faintest, tiniest bit of lag when I click with it. I didn't think it was THIS unresponsive, though. It was insistent that every line be either dead vertical, horizontal, or 45-degree angle. Any attempts at swishy lines were foiled at the pass, which is why her ears are square and her nose is weird and her cheek and chin are square and her freaking EYES are square. It's even more prominent in the sketch:

I mean what even is this. I don't draw square. Even if I was attempting a square, it wouldn't necessarily look all that square.

So it's a good thing I don't have to actually draw things at work all that often, except for a few rough initial sketches of logos and icons that get vectorised, or photo touchups like erasing the background or something. It wouldn't be the tablet itself, because it's the same generation Intuos as I have at home, just a size smaller and without the touch facilities. Potentially the drivers, which are outdated because the version of MacOS I have at work can't handle anything higher, but I can't change that so I'm stuck, I guess.
Tags: kazin, photoshop, yrae chronicles
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