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Character 145

Character 145

(Click to embiggen, LJ for some reason is not loading the full size image)

I'm probably about to run into my phone's internet cap by uploading this but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE HOLY CRAP I DID IT. One hundred and forty five characters, started last November and finished (amazingly) within the year. I'm so proud *^^* Things I learnt doing this thing: How to draw faces. Just, in general. I mean compare the top ones to the bottom ones. How to render skin, most importantly Raykinian olive skin. EXPRESSIONS. Grins, faces with teeth, closed and squinty eyes, noses on angles, jaws on angles. Childs? I don't know. I don't feel much more comfortable with them than I did at the start. Proportions on faces! Observation skills. Something about metal but honestly I only started looking at that halfway through the top eight. Metal will get a proper going over later, that wasn't the point of this one. LIKENESSES, not necessarily to the reference material (though some do look a lot like their ref) but to the character in my head. The top eight, ironically at the bottom of the picture, are EXACTLY how I picture them in my head. That's the best ANYONE I've ever drawn.

Putting character into a face. That's the biggest thing. Making them look like they are in my head.

Tags: character 145, photoshop, yrae chronicles
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