Annarti (annarti) wrote in h_bee,

Design Portfolio Page 1

Design Portfolio Page 1

With the update of my design portfolio, I thought I might stick a couple of what I'm calling the 'embellishment' pages up on HB. They serve no purpose but to show off the Hills and go OOH PRETTY. Seriously. The last of them I openly admit I'm just showing off by that point.

So this is page one, the inside front cover. On the right I've got my sort of introductory thing (that thing on the top right of every page of my web folio) on its own because mmm, negative space. The photo itself came from a walk up the hill behind me a few weeks ago with the express purpose of taking obnoxious artsy photos for sprucing up my portfolio. LOOK IT'S THE HILLS I LIVE IN THE HILLS CAN YOU TELL?

I've had that logo for a year now. Still bloody love it.
Tags: design, illustrator, indesign, photography
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