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Wine Label Designs

Wine Label Designs

The product of the last, what, week and a half? Half a dozen wine labels, all done to no brief whatsoever but for the fact they're wine labels, with the intention of these getting me a freelancing gig at a design studio that primarily does wine labels. My aim was to have a big variety, so there's the fun and easy and high-class swanky stuff, traditional and modern, illustration and Illustrator. Getting these ones printed out to take around to the said design studio in the next week or so. CROSS FINGERS. If nothing else, I've learnt a lot about Illustrator doing this. I won't say I love it yet, but I will make it my bitch, just you watch.

Fizzy Pop and Sundowner were the most fun to work on. Probably Soulmate is my favourite, just because I don't think I've ever seen anything like that done before. I mean, I can't really see any technical reason why it COULDN'T be done, but idk it just feels really obvious to me and why hasn't anyone done that before? We'll see :D
Tags: design, illustrator, photoshop, wine labels
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