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Been a While

Been a While

Because it's been two years almost to the day since I drew either of these two, and about 6 months since writing them. MISS MY GIRLS. I started Nimay just randomly while staying with Cassie, during one of her TAFE classes, then started on 'Min later in the day and just finished them now.

Two things I tried really hard on here, first off with the colouring, using different colours on the skin. So there's a bit of green and blue in there, pink on Yamin's extremities, stuff that I've never really challenged myself with before. Also, using the same pencil-brush I've been using on these Yoshi icons I've been doing for a while, so they look a little more like they've been drawn with pencils :D

Secondly, and more difficult, I've done my very best to make them look identical like identical twins. I used the same sketch for them both but just made some slight tweaks in Yamin's expression--slightly more open/rounder eyes, and less of a cheeky point to her eyebrows, but still with Nimay's sharpness. This has ALWAYS been a challenge for me. The sharp features--cheekbones, pointed nose, chin and eyebrows, angled jaw--have always worked well on Nimay, but because Yamin's character and expressions are so much softer, it's always been hard to combine the two and have her look as I see her in my head. Not quite there, but this is the best Yamin I think I've ever drawn. She's not supposed to be pretty, she's supposed to be a bit pointy and slightly unnerving, so... yeah. Getting there.
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